We are building new urban roadways by melding community around mobility in cities.

We are building new urban roadways by melding community around mobility in cities.

What we are doing

We are very passionate about enabling an emission free, vibrant future in cities. We are doing this by eliminating the need for private vehicles and excess parking spaces. We are empowering the future of Urban Mobility in Cities by eliminating barriers to the adoption of Mobility as a Service platforms. The increased adoption and proliferation of Shared and Serviced Vehicle fleets and participation in Peer-to-Peer Vehicle lending will contract private vehicle ownership and free up Parking spaces.

Why are we doing this?

We saw private vehicles parked in private parking spaces 60% or more of the time. We saw delivery cars double parked causing jams. We saw empty office, university and commercial offices parking lots. We saw mobility equity gaps widening in low income communities. We spoke to fleet operators across a range of MaaS services in pay-for-use, peer-to-peer sharing, micro-mobility, self driving AV and EV fleets. We spoke to last mile delivery logistics fleets. We spoke with communities across cities. We spoke with facility managers across a range of commercial and office spaces. We spoke with garages, big and small. We spoke to parking aggregator platforms and AirBnb for parking hosts. We identified the lack of parking fluidity and parking availability across communities is affecting MaaS service availability as and when needed resulting in unmet consumer expectation and lethargy to adapt.

How are we doing this?

We are pooling clusters of parking spaces & charging stations across communities from garages, residential, commercial, offices, and public spaces, and dynamically allocating capacity to match the needs of MaaS mobility operators such as Car2Go, ZipCar, GetAround and UberEats. We are enabling private parking and vehicle owners to participate in peer-to-peer mobility sharing through our connected parking platform. We are completely digitizing the parking and charging mobility experience with zero touch and up to the space navigation for superior consumer engagement and experience.

Community engagement

We are a mindful company consciously shaping city communities mobility choices by influencing their behavior to adopt inter-modal shared mobility services. And free themselves from their parking and mobility assets. By enabling social engagement activities at mobility access points, we hope to draw more people to shift to new sustainable mobility. Pop-up stores, artist platforms, farmer connect points, civic engagement, cafes, park benches, food trucks, wi-fi access hubs, mobile charging facilities, shared gardens. We are creating mobility maps with mobility access inclusion across low income communities for mobility equity.

Spotimyze mobility platform

We are developing a cloud enabled Parking as a Service (PaaS) platform built on open standards.

Self learning

Self learning algorithms for dynamic pricing, mobility demand prediction, spatial fleet allocation recommen-
dation, dynamic self healing mobility access community networks.

of parking

Digitization of parking mobility with zero touch and navigational guidance.


Mobility Apps to connect community stakeholders with community parking providers and hosts on the Spotimyze network through a trusted platform.


A rich API interface to integrate with MaaS service platforms

Founding Team

Let’s work together!

We are creating a conscious company of diverse culture and talent base. We are looking to talk to Economists, Urban Designers and Architects, Community Stakeholders, Mathematicians, Environmentalists, AI & ML enthusiasts, City Policy framers and Transportation majors. Drop us your email and leave us a note and let’s change one community at a time!